HPD Taking Applications To Citizen's Police Academy

hpdawk2The Huron Police Department is actively seeking participants for the 2015 Spring Citizen’s Police Academy. Detective Sergeant Casey Spinsby says the C-P-A will offer wide ranging subject matter about how police operate….


Spinsby says it’s important to explain the roles and policy that dictate police work, especially in light of two officers shot during a protest in Ferguson, Missouri Wednesday…


Spinsby says hands-on interaction is an important part of the 10 week program…


Class members will also take ride-alongs with on-duty officers. Applications are available at the police department location in the Huron Municipal building and on the city’s website at www.huronsd.com.  Applications are due by five-P-M on March 20th. You can explore more about the Huron Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy a photo album from the 2012 class and videos from that class are posted under the video and photo buttons on the Performance Radio News page on Facebook.   http://www.huronsd.com/assets/file-manager/Public-Notices/Police-Academy-Application.pdf

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