White Says SDHSAA Got Transgender Policy Right

Jim WhiteA bill that would have voided the transgender policy of the South Dakota High School Activities Association was debated in the state Senate again yesterday.  A previous version of the bill was killed earlier, but a hoghouse move was made in the House to revive it.  During debate, republican Senator Phyliss Heineman of Sioux Falls said the policy needed to be revisited…

Phyliss Heineman 312

Republican Senator Jim White of Huron says the activities association handled the policy properly…

Jim White 312

Democratic Senator Angie Buhl-O’Donnell of Sioux Falls says it is not an issue for the legislature…

Angie Buhl-O’Donnel 312

The measure failed on a sixteen to eighteen vote, but a conference committee was appointed to see if a compromise can be reached with the House.

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