A Lot For A Little, Big Price Tag For Clean Up Of Small Mercury Spill

City CommissionThe Huron City Commission has given it’s approval to spend just over nine-thousand dollars to clean up a miniscule mercury spill in the city’s former water treatment plant near the James River. City Planner Ralph Borkowski says asbestos abatement crews discovered the spill..


Borkowski says the city received three quotes…


Borkowski says the cost is an estimate and that the price tag may increase depending on a number of variables with the clean up. Commissioner Gary Harrington wanted to know just how much mercury needs to be cleaned up…


Consultants theorized to Borkowski that a switch froze, then cracked causing the mercury to leak out. Commissioner Bryan Smith joined Harrington with his wondering on the cost of the clean up…


Money for the mercury removal will come from funds budgeted for the first year of planning for the James River Master Plan.

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