Medicaid Expansion Compromise Likely To See Consideration In Pierre

legislatureA compromise version of Medicaid expansion may be in front of South Dakota lawmakers during the 2016 session.   Senator Bernie Hunhoff of Yankton says background discussions between state and federal officials have continued on expanding the government insurance program…

Bernie Hunhoff 916a

Some states have received a waiver from the federal government for the expansion. Hunhoff says while not a waiver, this program would fit South Dakota…

Bernie Hunhoff 916b

Governor Dennis Daugaard has resisted the expansion, concerned with possible future costs to the state. Hunhoff says they have not ignored those issues…

Bernie Hunhoff 916c

Hunhoff says they hope to have some proposals this fall for possible inclusion in the state budget process.  The expanded program would add about twenty six thousand people to Medicaid coverage.

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