Ag Department Releases Plan To Tackle Any Second Round Of Bird Flu

imgresThe US Department of Agriculture released their plans to combat a possible reoccurrence of avian flu this fall, and it builds in the lessons from the outbreak this spring.  South Dakota State Veterinarian Dr. Dustin Oedekoven says the plan relies on improved USDA preparations and response, plus more people on the ground. The plan also focuses on increased surveillance and biosecurity on poultry farms…

Dustin Oedekoven 922a

Oedekoven says part of the plan also includes more wild bird surveillance at the state level, and the development of a vaccine…

Dustin Oedekoven 922b

Oedekoven says he is not sure what the odds are that the virus will re-appear…

Dustin Oedekoven 922c

South Dakota lost a half million turkeys, and over a million laying hens due to bird flu. Nearly fifty million birds were lost across the country.

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