Salvation Army Nets Over $43,000 For Christmas Basket

2011 x-mas basketThe Salvation Army in Huron Monday released the amount of actual donations received during the 2015 Christmas Basket program. Program host Ken Linblad says the program again surpassed the pledged dollar amount…


A snow storm caused officials to cancel the first of four nights of the telethon, that is broadcast on radio, television and streamed on-line. While the performers from the first night, got their chance to shine during the final night, the storm did have an impact on fund raising…


Linblad expects the 43-thousand number to increase…


Linblad says 151 families received a Christmas Food Basket during the 2015 Christmas season.  Last year, nearly 58-thousand dollars was raised for Christmas Food Baskets and pantry usage by the Salvation Army in Huron.

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