State Health Department Offer Tips For Travelers To Regional With Zika

featherlegged gallinipperSouth Dakota’s Department of Health is advising anyone traveling to the American tropics and sub-tropics to use mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites and protect themselves from the Zika  virus.

LON 1 2-1-16

State Epidemiologist Dr. Lon Kightlinger says the virus is spreading in many popular vacation destinations at this time of the year.

LON 2 2-1-16

He says only about a fifth of the people who get infected with the Zika virus actually get sick, but one group of people in particular should be more cautious.

LON 3 2-1-16

Kightlinger says individuals who do travel to a Zika-affected area and become ill within 10 days should see a doctor.

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