Bill Designed To Help Verto's Gain Liquor Licence Passes House Committee

vertosA bill working it’s way through the South Dakota Legislature is designed to specifically help Huron during a time of unknowns following the sudden shuttering of the Verto’s Restaurant and Lounge at the Crossroads Hotel and Huron Event Center. The new owner of the Crossroads gave their liquor licenses back to the State, leaving the city-owned Huron Event Center with no way of supplying on-sale alcoholic beverages during events at the facility. District 22 Republican Representative Dick Werner says House Bill 1210 would allow any city to issue an on-sale liquor license to a municipal auditorium or public convention hall for use during a convention or entertainment activity.


The bill removes a population restriction from the current legislation of over 35-thousand residents. It also adds sporting events to the law’s wording. The selling, serving or dispensing of alcohol could not begin more than an hour before the event or at any time after the event ends. The license is non-transferable. Huron Mayor Paul Alyward says the City of Huron is not looking to compete with other liquor serving establishments….


South Dakota Municipal League Executive Director Yvonne Taylor also supported the measure…


H-B 1210 has support from the entire District 22 delegation and 14 additional lawmakers as sponsors. he bill would also declare an emergency and allow the measure to become effective as soon as signed by the Governor. H-B1210 passed the House Commerce and Energy Committee on a 12 to nothing vote. Meanwhile, the Huron City Commission is currently working to rewrite city ordinance to allow special event on-sale alcohol licenses to be used for longer periods of time to be used in place of permanent on-sale license.  The bill heads to the House Floor Monday.

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