House Committee Approves Bill Adding Meningitis Vaccinations To Mandated List For School Kids

flu shotThe South Dakota House Health & Human Services Committee narrowly approved a bill that would add a meningitis vaccination to the list of mandated immunizations needed before a child could go to public schools.  Rhonda Quigney of Dell Rapids, a self-described “concerned citizen” says the mandate is too much government interference…

Rhonda Quigney 204a

Dr. Dan Heineman is a lobbyist for Sanford Health, and says the vaccine is needed to protect people across the state…

Dan Heineman 204

Representative Karen Soli of Sioux Falls made the “do pass” motion, and says it’s about balance…

Karen Soli 204

The bill, SB-28, passed on a seven to six vote, and now moves to the House floor.

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