The Mike Moore Show: March 2016

11836853_105152826502267_1614516917965818666_nThe Mike Moore Show on Dakota Country 1210 KOKK airs on the final Saturday of each month at 11 AM. This month Mike and Zach talk with Jason Glodt, State Director for Marsy’s Law for South Dakota, proponents of Amendment “S” which would enact stronger constitutional rights for crime victims.

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  1. Angelo Cruz

    Attention: Jason Glodt – Marsy’s Law for South Dakota

    Jason Glodt’s characterization that my nephew, Joaquin J. Ramos, brutally murdered 27-year-old Debbie J. Martines, is shameful and irresponsible in light of the facts of the case that it was an unintentional and accidental killing as documented by the South Dakota Supreme Court, 7th Circuit Court Judge Jeff Davis and Pennington County Prosecutor Mark Vargo.

    This is why my nephew was charged with first-degree manslaughter and not first-degree murder.

    Mr. Glodt, you need to remove that term from your Facebook page and future comments which is not factual lest you discredit your organization’s integrity by wrecklessly slandering justice and the truth of the case that was decided by the South Dakota Supreme Court in 1996.

    I have excoriated the South Dakota media for this misapplied term and thankfully they changed the wording in their stories because of the facts that I presented to them.

    Here are the facts of the case according to the South Dakota Supreme Court, 7th Circuit Judge Jeff Davis and Prosecutor Mark Davis:

    Plaintiff and Appellee,
    Defendant and Appellant.

    South Dakota Supreme Court
    Appeal from the Seventh Judicial Circuit, Pennington County, SD
    Honorable Jeff W. Davis, Judge
    #19065 – Affirmed

    Mark Barnett, Attorney General
    Gary Campbell, Assistant Attorney General, Pierre, SD
    Attorney for Plaintiff and Appellee.

    Mark DeBoer, Public Defender, Rapid City, SD
    Attorney for Defendant and Appellant.

    Argued Nov 28, 1995; Opinion Filed Apr 3, 1996

    SABERS, Justice

    [¶18] When discussing Ramos’ principal offense, the trial court stated, “I understand that you aren’t here as a murderer. You are [96 SDO 245] here for an offense of first degree manslaughter, and I have tried to examine this sentence in that light.”

    [¶25] A portion of the plea agreement was read at Ramos’ plea. It stated: [96 SDO 246] If Mr. Ramos will enter a plea of guilty to the offense of First Degree Manslaughter … the State would agree to dismiss [the alternative counts of second degree murder]. I believe this would accurately reflect the fact that the killing of Debbie Martine[s] was involuntary while it would also acknowledge that the killing was neither excusable nor justified and was accomplished by means of a deadly weapon.

    [¶26] State’s comments at sentencing included:
    I do obviously agree with certain things with the defense in this case. We agreed, both by the charge and obviously by the plea agreement, this is not a premeditated act. Jack Ramos did not go to get the gun having decided to kill Debbie Jo Martines … [W]hat I ask you to consider finally, … is that, while this was not a decision made to kill Debbie Jo Martines, that it was the act and the decision perhaps more importantly of Jack Ramos that led us down this path, that created in Jack a homicide waiting to happen.

    The State reserved the right to present aggravating facts to the trial court, and later stated by letter:[I]t is my belief and in fact was the reason for both the charge and the plea offer that has been made that the death of Debbie Martine[s] was accidental in that I do not have any reason to believe that Jack Ramos intended or contemplated her death as a result of the actions which he took. I also believe, obviously, that certain deliberate choices by Mr. Ramos led to her death in that he chose to retrieve the firearm, knew or should have known that it was loaded, contemplated either scaring or even shooting at John Jibben and struck Ms. Martine[s] with the hand in which he held the firearm.

    Angelo Cruz
    Uncle of Joaquin J. Ramos


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