Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline Nearly Complete In South Dakota

Dak Acc PipelineThe Dakota Access Pipeline is nearing completion in South Dakota. The latest weekly compliance monitoring report filed with the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission shows that Spread Five may be the first of the three construction zones in the state of finish. Compliance Monitor Ryan Coleman says activities for the week of September 22nd through the 28th were focused on valve and launcher/receiver sites, hydrotesting and restoring right-of-ways to pre-construction status. All main line hydrotesting is completed and a pumping station near Redfield is 80 to 85-percent complete. Ninety-five percent of topsoil replacement and seeding are done in Spread Five with 84-percent of topsoil and seeding done in Spread Four. The numbers are a little behind in Spread Six. Eighty-three percent of topsoil has been replaced in Spread Six with 68-percent of seeding left to go. The report shows no reports of problem areas, non-compliance, violations or landowner complaints..

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