Ethan Teen Sentenced in Drunk Driving Fatality

An Ethan teen was sentenced to nine years in the state penitentiary on second-degree manslaughter and hit-and-run charges stemming from a June 2016 crash.  

19-year old Tate Thompson was speeding on a rural road while intoxicated with four other teens in the vehicle.  The vehicle crashed, killing 18-year old Dylan Mentele (ment-lee) of Alexandria.  Thompson fled the scene and initially lied to officers when questioned about the accident.  In front of a packed courtroom on Tuesday, Judge Tim Bjorkman called Mentele’s death unnecessary, and read aloud Thompson’s past driving violations, which included exhibition driving and speeding.  

Bjorkman also noted that a sober driver in the vehicle had begged Thompson to let her drive, but he refused.  

Thompson’s license was also revoked for ten years.  

He faced a maximum of twelve years in prison on the charges.