Beadle County Reinstates Burn Ban

The Beadle County Office of Emergency Management announces that after discussion during the Beadle County Commission meeting Tuesday July 11, 2017, a burn ban, has been reinstated in Beadle County until further notice.

This decision came not only after discussion with the Commission, but after referencing the US Drought Monitor and consultation with area fire departments.

The Burn Ban includes any and all unincorporated areas of Beadle County or areas outside municipalities. You are asked to consult with your local municipality regarding burning within your town or city.

The use of burn barrels for household garbage and fire pits IS PERMITTED, although highly discouraged by Emergency Management. Those using burn barrels are advised to use extreme caution and vigilance while using to make sure the fire is contained within the barrel.

Weather forecasts that show limited chances for rain and extreme heat. Substantial, long-term rain fall will be required before the ban will be considered again for lifting.

The penalty for violating the burn ban is a $500 fine and/or up to 30 days in jail.

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