SD Has Recovered Over $3.3 Million in Fiscal Year 2017

More than three point three million dollars has been recovered in the first year of South Dakota’s Obligation Recovery Center program, according to a report released by the Bureau of Administration.

In addition to the three point three million collected in Fiscal Year 2017, the Bureau reports seven point six million dollars in payment plans were established.

Governor Dennis Daugaard says people should pay their debts

Daugaard says not all of the money collected is owed directly to the state

Daugaard says he didn’t have any idea of how much would be collected

The Obligation Recovery Center was established by legislation passed during the 2015 Legislative Session. State government agencies utilize the center to recover debts and enforce child support and restitution orders. The Unified Judicial System, Secretary of State, Board of Regents and seven state agencies under the Governor’s authority use the center’s assistance.