SDSU Campus Security Officer Accused of Police Brutality

Huron SD News, Huron SD Radio Station, Beadle County News

A mother has accused a campus security officer at South Dakota State University of police brutality for the way he treated her two daughters.

Melissa Mentele has posted pictures on her Facebook page of the alleged injuries suffered by one of the two girls. 

“He dislocated the bones in her hand, left bruises all over her body, charged her with resisting arrest after he dislocated her hand because she was screaming in agony, arrested her with out reading her Miranda rights to her…” Mentele posted on Facebook. She says their only crime was walking on campus with some friends.

It’s unclear how this situation started, why the officer stopped the two girls, or and other details. SDSU confirms an investigation by an outside agency is underway.

Mentele of Emory, South Dakota, is one of the activists leading the charge for legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in South Dakota. She has also been an unsuccessful candidate for the State Legislature.