Rounds Hopeful EPA Will Move on Year Round Sales of E15

Senator Mike Rounds says there’s a connection between commodity prices and the production of ethanol and that when more ethanol is produced the better life is for farmers who grow corn. However, the EPA has been granting waivers to oil refiners recently, allowing the oil producers to avoid meeting the nation’s Renewable Fuel Standard. Senator Rounds says that, despite EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt granting those waivers, the EPA still has an obligation to meet the 15 billion gallon ethanol production mandate. Rounds says that moving ethanol blends from 10 to 15 percent across the country would remove the shortfall.

Rounds is convinced they can get this done and that the President is aware how important this is to corn producers.

The EPA recently granted the waivers to some oil refineries as part of a hardship exemption of the Clean Air Act. Both Democrat and Republican farm state congressman authored a letter to the EPA upset at the action.