“Huron Rising” Identifies Priorities in the Community

The results are in from the Huron Rising Town Hall meeting.

The Huron Community Foundation sponsored the Huron Rising Town Hall meeting on September 12, with 75 Huron residents showing up to help identify meaningful projects that the foundation could help fund.

Annual funds available for HCF grants has grown significantly over the last couple of years, allowing the foundation to have an even bigger impact in the community
The board has been reviewing and prioritizing the suggestions and comments from the meeting, with two main themes emerging: improving downtown and addressing the mini issues surrounding housing in the community.

Comments on housing range from developing more affordable housing and helping homeowners with deferred maintenance, to removing dilapidated homes. Downtown projects centered around revitalization of buildings, improving the streetscape, and ways to encourage businesses to locate in the area.

Some of the other important topics were nuisance abatement, the community perception of our community, healthcare, education, economic and retail development, recreation, recycling and arts and cultural support.

The board intends to continue moving the process forward, identifying groups or organizations to help work through selected ideas, forming a task force for the larger project such as the downtown redevelopment and housing, and developing partnerships with local organizations to bring these ideas to reality.

The foundation plans to identify projects to fund immediately and over a series of years that will have a significant impact on making Huron a better place to live. To view of the Huron Rising executive summary or the list of priority projects that were identified go to www.huroncommunityfoundation.org.

For more information about Huron Rising, how to apply for a grant, or to inquire about making a contribution to HCF, contact HCF President Steve Gohn at 605–354–1118.

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