Hostage Negotiations Bring Standoff in Huron to Successful Conclusion

In the early evening of Friday, March 15th, officers with the Huron Police Department’s Patrol and Special Response Team, the Beadle County Sheriffs Office and the South Dakota Highway Patrol secured the area of 7th and Montana SW. The action was taken after Dennis Pagan fled his home carrying his infant child. Officers were initially seeking the man in connection with an assault that had just been reported. Pagan locked himself in a neighbors shed and threatened to harm the infant and himself.

Certified hostage negotiators with the Huron Police Department began  negotiations with Pagan. After approximately four hours of negotiations, Pagan agreed to hand the infant over to authorities. The infant was transported to HRMC for medical evaluation.

Pagan again threatened to harm himself. After determining that the threat was valid, officers deployed a TASER and Pagan was arrested.

Pagan is held on $50,000 cash bond. He is being charged with multiple felonies including aggravated assault domestic.


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