Grain Elevator in St. Lawrence Gets Recommissioned to Handle High Fat Soybeans

A grain elevator in St. Lawrence, South Dakota that closed last year is reopening.

The Agtegra Grain Elevator is recommissioned and will only handle high-fat soybeans that are used in soybean oil.

Farmers in the area contract to grow the genetically edited soybeans.

The elevator had been in operation since 1926 until last year.

The elevator sits on the Rapid City, Pierre, and Eastern Railroad.

Minneapolis-based ag-tech company Calyxt joined Agtegra Cooperative to celebrate the revival of the St. Lawrence Grain Elevator with a Harvest Feed event on Oct. 24. Calyxt and Agtegra leadership, local farmers and South Dakota public officials joining together for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and community lunch at Willie’s Bar and Grill.


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