HRMC Physicians Clinic Expansion outlined

A column rising was held at HRMC Physicians Clinic earlier in June, as that clinic is adding a second floor and doubling their square footage to add to the HRMC medical complex.  Erick Larson Chief Executive Officer at HRMC talks about the need for that expansion.

The 9.3 million dollar project at HRMC Physicians Clinic will add space for an additional 10 physicians at that clinic.  The project price also includes an upgrade of the radiology department.

The HRMC Physicians Clinic remains open during the construction.  Patients will need to use the south parking lot and south door for the clinic.  Oregon avenue is closed in front of the clinic during construction.  Those comments from Erick Larson can be heard on the Well One Connection podcast on  You can listen to those podcasts by clicking on podcasts on the top of the page and selecting Well One Connection.

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